Captain Bob Eder,   U.S.C.G. MASTER LICENSED

39 years of fishing experience on Lake Ontario and her tributaries. Including several Lake Ontario fishing derby accomplishments, to include the ESLO, LOC, as well as Niagara and Orleans County Derbies.


A short fish tale- Fourteen years ago Jack, a friend and fellow fisherman and I were fall derby fishing, recreationally, on his boat, the "Agitator." An hour or so into the trip, while I was attempting to take some photographs of another boat, the port corner rod popped, indicating a strike, as the drag of the reel screamed. As I attempted to take one last photo, Jack exclaimed, "Bob, throw that #%&*^ camera overboard and get that rod!" Instead of throwing the camera overboard I calmly sat it down on top of the fish cooler and proceeded to pull the fishing rod from it's holder. Ofcourse the fish was gone. Needless to say the boat was quiet for awhile before feelings were amended with some shared coffee, and morning treats. This was the same year that I made the decision to purchase the boat I recently sold. The photo I was attempting to take is the same photo located in the upper lefthanded corner of this web page, of the "Shotgun" boat. I have recently upgraded fishing vessels! Shotgun II is a 31' L 12" W Tiara Yachts sport fishing vessel with many creature comforts to add to your days' fishing excursion. This is just one short fond memory I have accumulated over the years while fishing the waters of Lake Ontario. Hopefully this helps to explain the passion I have for being on that water........Hope to see you there!  

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